Low Country Landscapes is a full service landscape company that performs complete maintenance for both commercial and residential properties. Our maintenance services include the following:

General Maintenance

Maintenance typically runs every 10 days March thru October and every 2 weeks November thru February, however we also offer weekly maintenance for properties that need extra attention

  • ​Turf- mowing, edging, weed trimming
  • ​Shrubs- pruning as needed with gas powered hedge trimmer (hand pruning is an additional charge)
  • Weed Control in beds- hand pulling and/or RoundUp application
  • Cutting back of Perennials (seasonal)
  • Debris Removal- sticks, pine cones, leaves, etc.
  • Blowing of debris- from sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots
  • Crape Myrtle Pruning- beginning in February every year

Additional Maintenance Services

The following services are considered additional to regular maintenance and are charged accordingly:

  • Tree & palm trimming
  • Heavy pruning
  • Extreme weather clean-ups (tropical storms, hurricanes, etc.)
  • Aeration
  • Spring/fall clean-up
  • Mulch refresh (recommended 2 times per year)