Low Country Landscapes is a full-service landscaping company, owned and operated by life-long Savannah residents Corbin and Ami Zipperer.

Both Ami and Corbin are Savannah natives and have been involved in the landscape industry their entire lives. Corbin grew up in the lawn and garden industry and branched out on his own in the mid 1980s by starting a small fertilizer and pest control company. Ami, who was a member of the family who built and owned Gatch Florist, had also been surrounded by the industry since a very young age.

Together they started a property management company by the name of “Low Country landscapes” in the mid 1990s. Corbin and Ami build the company Low Country Landscapes based upon their combined existing expertise of Savannah’s climate and industry needs, while creating new lasting relationships and expanding their loyal client base.

Corbin and Ami also own the Herb Creek Landscape Supplies Nurseries located in Sandfly and Thunderbolt.