Whether you are wanting to design a new outdoor space or overhauling the hardscape you already have, Low Country Landscapes will help guide you through the process to have the desired outcome.

We all love to relax when we come home and have wish lists to accomplish this goal: decks, patios, a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, edible garden, outdoor shower… we all dream to implement these. No matter how long the list is, we will sit down with you to realize your dreams and together, we will find what your preferences are with regard to style, colors, materials, and furniture. From there, we will build out the plan based upon your budget available and we will work with your priorities on where to save and where to stick to your dream design. Sometimes smaller details can bring a large impact in hardscape designs.


The demand for pavers for driveways, walkways, staircases, landings, decks is growing constantly! Pavers are not only more durable than concrete but are also easier and less expensive to maintain. We offer a variety of colors as well as patterns. We also repair old pavers that need attention.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are as unique as they are beautiful. As we all know, everyone always gathers around the kitchen at parties and gatherings and our low country environment allows for replicating this feeling in innovative outdoor spaces. We simply love designing customized outdoor kitchens that suit the needs for your lifestyle.

Fire Pits

Staying warm in the winter time never looked so good! We offer 4 different sized kits that are wood or gas powered. Low Country Landscapes can design and build custom fire pits that match your landscape design or the color of your pavers…. The options truly are limitless.

Fire Pit Kit Sizes:

  • Small: Height: 12.5″, Inside Diameter: 26.5″, Outside Diameter: 42.5″
  • Medium: ​Height: 16.6″, Inside Diameter: 32.5″, Outside Diameter: 49″​
  • Large: Height: 17.5″, Inside Diameter: 44″, Outside Diameter: 67″
  • Square: Height: 17.5″, Inside Diameter: 32″, Outside Diameter: 49″